Commercial Photography Overview

So you're in the business of making money? Good! Eric is a perfect blend of 1/3 Entrepreneur, 1/3 Corporate America, and 1/3 Creativity...and the results are amazing! 

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Real Estate Photography

I have an iPhone too, it takes great selfies, it's light weight, and that #instagram filter makes me look amazing! Guess what, it makes your real estate photos look like a teenage is the listing agent. Don't handicap your listing with "good enough", stand out with amazing real estate photos!


Product Photography

Boost your sales with professional product photography.  From pure white backgrounds suitable for Amazon and other e-commerce sites, to lifestyle photos of your product in use, Eric can provide you with amazing product photos.


Tradeshow / Conference Photography

Professional photography services for your conference or tradeshow to include photos of every speaker, sponsors, exhibit floor. Want to reward your attendees, add a Mobile Studio Headshot package and give them all a custom headshot session, on location!


Business Marketing

From large companies like Ford and Fiat to Mom & Pap stores, Eric can help your company's professional image with a set of amazing photos showcasing your business!