In-Studio Headshots Overview

Located in Central Pinellas county, the studio is in the perfect location for an easy commute for most of the Tampa area.  

The "In Studio" option for your headshot is the most cost efficient option.

Shoot, Review, Repeat

Guess what? No one feels comfortable in front of a camera the first 15 minutes.  Even if they say they do, the difference between the first half of a headshot session and the last half is amazing.  In the studio you will be in front of the camera half the time and reviewing the photos the other half. The camera will be tethered to a laptop which allows for the display of your photos on a big screen TV for review.  After 10-15 minutes in front of the camera you will get a break to review the shots with Eric.  His approach is laid back yet totally works.  Together you and Eric will go through the photos and find the best shots of the session and delete the rest.  You will review and shoot at least 3-4 times before the session's photos are filter down to the perfect headshot. This approach yields a headshot that truly represents you, not some stiff stranger you don't recognize!



If you're looking for the backdrop you had in your school photos, look elsewhere. The studio has the freshest of fresh when it comes to solid backgrounds, specific colors that tell a very specific story. Black or dark gray for more formal headshots, and white or light blue for a fresh approach to the formal headshot.  No matter what professional you are in, there's a backdrop for you!

Guaranteed Results

You will not leave the studio until you are completely happy with the photo(s) you selected. The majority of my clients that come in for a headshot have never had professional photos taken of them, you're not alone. I guarantee by the time you leave, you will feel like you just hung out with an old friend and be totally satisfied with your new headshot(s).


Location, Location, Location!

Located 30 minutes or less from the majority of the Tampa Bay area, Eric Tillotson Photography's studio is in the prime location. With multiple bathrooms / changing rooms, make-up area, a comfortable 74 degrees, and free bottled water, you will fill completely comfortable the moment you walk in the door.

Latest Review

I needed a head shot for work. I'm glad as a Marine, Eric did not mistake a head shot as a kill shot. Although, he did kill it. Eric is responsive, professional, prepared and talented. He has an easy disposition about him that puts others at ease. I will and do recommend him. Definitely made an impression with his talent, services and end product. Quit reading and hire him already! ;)

- Riz S.

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