Mobile Studio Headshot Overview

The "Mobile Studio" provides the same final look as of our "In Studio" headshots except the studio comes to you.  

Great for large employee shoots, CEO and top management, and corporate events like tradeshows and conferences.

The Studio comes to you!

Maybe your company is hosting a tradeshow and you want to offer headshots for your attendees or you'd like professional headshots for all your employees but don't want them getting lost on the way to the studio.  No matter what the scenario the Mobile Headshot Studio can be customized to accommodate your needs!   



If you're looking for the backdrop you had in your school photos, look elsewhere. The Mobile Studio Headshots comes with the freshest of fresh when it comes to solid backgrounds, specific colors that tell a very specific story. Black or dark gray for more formal headshots, and white or light blue for a fresh approach to the formal headshot.  No matter what professional you are in, there's a backdrop for you!

Guaranteed Results

You will not leave the studio until you are completely happy with the photo(s) you selected. The majority of my clients that come in for a headshot have never had professional photos taken of them, you're not alone. I guarantee by the time you leave, you will feel like you just hung out with an old friend and be totally satisfied with your new headshot(s).

Latest Review

It was a pleasure working with Eric. He was very professional and had a setup that was excellent for servicing our team and making sure everyone was happy with their final photo. He also worked very well under pressure, as there was a large crowd that came all at once to have their photos taken and Eric didn't let that shake him. He continued to deliver very good service. I would definitely hire him again if we were in the area and needed photos taken again.

- Natasha C.

Eric Tillotson

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