Couple's Photoshoot at Treasure Island Beach, FL.

Treasure Island has to be one of my favorite places to take couple's photos in the St. Petersburg / Tampa Bay area.  So when Maddey contacted me requesting a couple's portrait session of her and her girlfriend, Katelyn, I knew Treasure Island would be perfect. The bright colors and recently renovated Beach Walk, and the fact that there was an Ice Cream Shoppe at the end of the Beach walk made this location even sweeter.

Since the majority of my clients are first-timers when it comes to couple's photoshoots, I like to start with an icebreaker to help calm the couple's nerves.  Like many of my photoshoots, I arrive a little early, so my clients aren't waiting for me. While waiting for Maddey and Katelyn to reach the beach entrance, I noticed the playground was vacant, and the blue dolphin gave me a wink. Boom, icebreaker spotted.

"Alright, Maddey jump on the dolphin, Katelyn jump on the nose." Click Click. "Alright, Katelyn put your feet up! Click Click." Icebreaker complete.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from Maddey and Katelyn's anniversary couple's portrait session below!